Diane Ferjane

Moe Dress

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Wide mid-calf dress.

Box pleats in the middle of the back with Arabic calligraphy.

Arabic calligraphy around bottom.

Tunic collar with black pearl buttons.

Moe is arguably one of the most dedicated Arabic calligraffiti artist in the region. His love for all kinds of scripts, for every traditional schools of calligraphy, is intertwined with his addiction to the craft of tagging, which is the core origin of the graffiti movement. Bending letters, playing with them, giving them flow while respecting some of the sacred rules of calligraphy, that’s what defines his style.
Moe just moved to Berlin after 10 years of practicing art in Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, Amman and Mumbai, and he’s currently establishing in Germany.
Endlessly mixing the past and the future, on the walls as much as on people’s skin, since he’s mastering ink work while never abandoned the craft of calligraphy.