Our Story

Founded in a country brimming with history, culture and arts, Diane Ferjane is a blend of tradition and elegance.
It all started with Diane’s desire to capture portraits of Semaan, 102 year old gentleman from her hometown who was working in the field at the time. Humbled by her request, he insisted on getting into his Sunday best attire. A little while later Diane found herself mesmerized by what she described as the first encounter with a custom-made traditional Lebanese garment. Intrigued by the intricate detailing including the hand embroidery, Diane
began to capture all parts of the attire.

It was that moment that saw the birth of Diane’s mission which was to rehabilitate traditional pieces blending them with a modern twist whilst maintaining an authentic hint.

Her brand was showcased in the heart of the Ancient City of Byblos as the feel of the location complimented her collection. In 2010 Diane Ferjane decided to bring her collection to the capital city, Beirut and launched her store in the authentic neighborhood of Mar Mikhael where her pieces matched the traditional character of the area. The tragic event of August 4th which devastated the entire nation, led Diane to close her boutique. Continuous popular demand steered the way for Diane Ferjane to go virtual.
Now the brand can be accessed worldwide with just a click of a button.